Rhys Marc Photis

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Rhys Marc Photis

Engage Rhys to Speak at Your Event

About Rhys 

I believe that by 2025 50-80% of middle managers in organisations will have been replaced by employees doing the work much quicker, more accurately and efficiently by using social technologies.
— — Rhys Marc Photis @ GPi

Rhys Marc Photis comes from an entrepreneurial background and understood early on the up and downsides of successful family businesses.

Rhys not only started as an international trader, he also worked as a food trader in the forests of Eastern Europe, as an international project leader rolling out internet-based projects to over 50 countries, as an MD setting- up businesses for corporations in emerging markets, then took a break from the business world to return to university to do an MBA International.

He founded Global Performance Improvement LTD and recently OnOLine LTD. Nowadays he leads a team of experienced business professionals who offer collaborative personal and organisational development solutions to multinationals and global organisations. In a nutshell, he assists in future-proofing companies.

Speaking Topics

  1. Social(ised) Business 

  2. Socialised Collaboration

  3. Socialised Learning & Development

  4. Future Business Models




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